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Master the art of living an Organized Life from the woman who realized that to have an organized home you have to make it a lifestyle. Growing into the role as it becomes a part of your identity.

Karen is now the creator of the Life Upside Down course on how to shake things up and create your organized life. If you suffer from chronic disorganization you know that it takes more then a few tips in a magazine to achieve organization. This course will make you an Organized Lifestyle Specialist and open the gateway to more time allowing you to achieve your fullest potential.

First, you're going to be uplifted to gain the confidence and mindset you want to live the lifestyle of an organized person.

Second, you're going to learn the 6 shifts that will be part of your transformation that will allow you to create and maintain your organized life and home.

Third, you will learn key ingredients that will allow you to gain traction as you bring together your new confidence, mindset, and lifestyle shifts as you develop your new identity as an Organized Lifestyle Specialist.

Lastly, you will learn the techniques and methods used by professional organizers to organize homes and build efficient systems.

This course is for you if you are looking to get control of your disorganized home, better manage your time, and gain self confidence in the process, or if you are looking to start a new career as a home organizer

Karen Murdock is an award winning entrepreneur who has built multiple successful businesses to help people organize the 3P's of life. Possessions, Papers, and Photos.

After growing up in an extremely cluttered home, and while raising 5 children in less then 1100 sq ft she developed the steps to living her create her organized life.

Since 2013, she has worked in the Edmonton area helping hundreds of Alberta families get organized. She is now ready to take her knowledge on line and help people from around the world.

Karen combines her life experience and formal education to open minds to the understanding that having an organized life is about expanding our thoughts and embracing a holistic approach to organizing.

A mother of 5, grandmother of 8, and wife of over 30 years she defines herself as an energetic, passionate, and creative woman who is always learning and growing while spending time on her many pursuits.

She is now proud to share what she has learned along her life journey to help you turn your life Upside Down. Imagine for a moment the beauty, wonder and magic of a snow globe when you shake it and turn it upside down. Know that you can create the same magic in your home, mind, body, and spirit by organizing all areas of your life.

Trainer Credentials

• Karen is a sought after speaker in the province of Alberta as an Organizing specialist.

• She is a life long learner who has read hundreds of books on organizing, as well as taken training through the Professional Organizers in Canada and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

• Karen sits on the Hoarding Coalition Board for the City of Edmonton and works with individuals with all levels of disorganization.

The Curriculum

Throughout 20 lessons, you'll join Karen in easy-to follow daily videos that will equip you with the tools, techniques, methods, and even the identity shift you need to start living an organized life. Each lesson consists of a 10 minute lecture  and 10 minute implementation exercises.

This program is designed to help anyone and everyone who is ready to take make control of their life and their home. You don't need fancy experience organizing supplies or lots of storage space. If you have tried before to get organized and failed, this is the course that will change your life.

By the end of the course, you'll emerge with a changed mindset and knowledge of the skills needed to create the home and lifestyle you desire and deserve.


Your Mindset Catalysis (Lessons 1- 3)

Feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and defeated? This is what my clients who have chronic disorganization always tell me. Part 1 will guide you through the confidence changes necessary to awaken your inner organizer, discover how you can embrace 3 new mindsets to move forward with your new lifestyle.

Highlights Include:

• Building your vision as an Organized Person: your vision will serve as your power source to grow yourself into a confident more organized person.

• The strategies that can change your life: build the mental muscles that allows you to grow your mindset to experience the change you desire.

• How to overcome a toxic mindset: Get tips and learn techniques that will move you out of your toxic mindset and into a mindset of success.

• And much more.


Moving Your Lifestyle Dial Forward (Lessons 4 - 9)

If you always do what you have always done you will always get the same result. In Part 2 you will start making big shifts in your life. These shifts are the secret ingredients in success to achieving your goals. These shifts will allow you to have more energy, time, and self esteem immediately.

Highlights Include:

• Introduction to the 5 techniques that will change your life: Using these transformation techniques you will start to re-examine your relationship with the stuff you own.

• Improving key areas of your life: build improvements in these key areas lay a foundation for your successful transformation to an Organized Lifestyle Specialist.

• Delve into how your home is having an affect on you: Get tips and learn techniques that will allow you to really understand the relationship between you and your clutter, allowing you to move past your roadblocks.

• And much more.


Staying the Course (Lessons 10 - 13)

Let's face it we have all tried to make lifestyle improvements at some time in the past. But, something went wrong and we didn't get the results we wanted or we didn't keep it up. In Part III you will learn how to overcome perhaps the biggest obstacle of all, maintaining change.

Highlights Include:

• Dealing effectively with distractions: We can't stop them, they are a natural part of life but we can learn to handle the distractions so that we can gain traction.

• Use focus and Processes: Discover ways to break away from paralysis by analysis and actually move forward to achieve your goals.

• Moving into your new Identity: You have a clear vision of how you will now move into your new identity. We will review Days 1 - 12 with you and look at how you can continue to move into acceptance of your new identity.

• And much more.


The Fundamentals of Good Organizing (Lessons 14-20)

Understanding the principals and best practices of organization is essential. In Part IV you will discover the top systems used by trained professional organizers and time management coaches.

Highlights Include:

• Discover better ways to manage your time: Never having enough time will become a thing of the past after just implementing a few simple steps.

• Learn a system used by Pro Organizers for over 30 years: Plus discover new methods and ways to improve your time management, organizing, tidying and cleaning routines.

• Understand the complicated relationship you with your stuff: Hard to let go of certain items? You bet it is. You will learn why as well as learn techniques to help you move forward while still honouring your past.

• And much more.

Available Immediately for In-Person and On-Line Individual Support $250.00 a Month - One Lesson Covered A Week 

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